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Lee M. TillmanLee M. Tillman
President and Chief Executive Officer

Sylvia J. Kerrigan Sylvia J. Kerrigan
Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary

John R. Sult John R. (J.R.) Sult
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Morris R. Clark Morris R. Clark
Vice President and Treasurer

Deanne JonesDeanna L. Jones
Vice President—Human Resources and Administrative Services

Cathy_KrajicekCathy Krajicek 
Vice President—Health, Environment, Safety and Security

T.M. (Mitch) LittleT.M. (Mitch) Little 
Vice President—International and Offshore Exploration and Production Operations

Bruce A. McCulloughBruce A. McCullough
Vice President and Chief Information Officer

Lance W. RobertsonLance W. Robertson 
Vice President—North America Production Operations

Michael J. Stover Michael J. Stover
Vice President—Operations Services

Patrick WagnerPatrick J. Wagner
Vice President—Corporate Development

Gary WilsonGary E. Wilson
Vice President, Controller and Chief Accounting Officer