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Contractor Safety

(The information contained in this website applies to North America contractors only).

Terms of Use

HES Contractor Management

Marathon Oil uses ISNetworld to manage, evaluate and qualify contractors to perform "Safety Sensitive Work."

Safety Sensitive Work is defined as work performed at North America facilities and leases owned by or operated on behalf of Marathon Oil Corporation, which, if executed incorrectly, has the potential to affect the safety of other workers, the public, the environment or the facility. (Exceptions to safety sensitive work include, but are not limited to: supply contractors, transportation carriers, office employees, maintenance employees and contractors working on behalf of a government agency).

Contractors who provide safety sensitive services at a Marathon Oil worksite are required to subscribe to ISNetworld and maintain their subscription as a condition of work authorization. ISNetworld can be contacted by calling 1-800-976-1303 (Toll Free) or by e-mail:

If using sub-contractor employee(s) on a Marathon Oil location, the primary contractor must have a Sub-contractor Management Plan in place to manage the safety of sub-contractor employees and the plan must be submitted through ISNetworld’s RAVS process. All individual requirements such as enrollment in an approved Drug & Alcohol program, Safety Training, Industry Recognized Orientation and attending a Marathon Site Specific Orientation apply to both primary contractor employee(s) and any sub-contractor employee(s).

To perform work on location, HES Minimum Contractor Expectations: