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Decommissioning ProgrammeS

Decommissioning Programmes present the scope of work to be completed and the timeframe in which to comply with the Petroleum Act 1998, as amended by the Energy Act 2008. The scope of the Brae Area is considerable, including three fixed steel jacket platforms, three Marathon Oil operated subsea tie-backs and numerous pipelines and subsea components. 

The Decommissioning Programmes have been developed based on extensive and wide reaching studies and assessments that have been used to evaluate the appropriate options for dealing with the oil and gas infrastructure. Validated assessment techniques that capture safety, environmental, socio economic, technical and economic factors have been used to develop a balanced and appropriate decommissioning solution.

The Decommissioning Programmes:

  • Provide an overview of the work to be completed to decommission the infrastructure and the timeframe in which to comply with the regulatory requirements
  • Define the shape, size, configuration and interdependencies of the assets 
  • Include input from key stakeholders and must be approved by regulatory bodies

The Decommissioning Programmes are supported by an environmental assessment, which is an appraisal of the potential environmental impacts associated with the Project. This is documented within an Environmental Statement. 

Once the scope of work detailed in the Decommissioning Programmes has been completed, a seabed survey will be completed to verify the scope has been accomplished. Supplementary and ongoing monitoring of any equipment left in place will continue, as required by the Petroleum Act.




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