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health, environment and safety

Marathon Oil regards environmental stewardship as a key corporate responsibility and has conducted studies and assessments significantly beyond the minimum requirement to better understand the short-, medium- and long-term environmental impacts of the decommissioning proposals being put forward. This additional effort reinforces the conclusions and proposals that Marathon Oil have put forward in the decommissioning plans. Full details are available within the Decommissioning Programmes and associated Environmental Statements.

Safety is paramount to Marathon Oil’s operations. Safety studies have formed a core part of the comparative assessment process and have involved the identification of the hazards associated with the decommissioning options.

Cuttings Pile Sampling


As part of the decommissioning planning process, the regulatory bodies dictate that operators should analyse the drilling cuttings piles to determine the hydrocarbon and chemical content, the leach rate and to determine the physical characteristics, such as strength, density and stability of the pile.