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Water Management

Marathon Oil recognizes water is a valuable resource that we share with the communities where we live and operate. Our use of water is guided by the core water stewardship practices of responsible sourcing, conservation, reuse and disposal.

Sound water management practices are developed at the regional or local level, often in consultation with community stakeholders. As part of our management system, each Marathon Oil asset conducts a water risk assessment  to be responsive to local conditions and needs and minimize the environmental impact of our operations on local watersheds. Based on the results of these risk assessments, and in keeping with our commitment to water stewardship, Marathon Oil employs water management strategies and processes to:

  • Encompass geographic diversity, local conditions, existing water usage, operational needs and availability, and other considerations.
  • Evaluate various sources of water for our operations, implementing technological solutions to use alternatives to fresh water such as non-potable or recycled water when feasible.
  • Apply industry best practices to protect ground and surface water wherever we operate and to comply with all applicable regulations.
  • Properly dispose of produced water, including evaluating opportunities for recycling and beneficial reuse, such as treating higher quality produced water and returning it to the environment for beneficial uses such as livestock watering, irrigation, habitat creation and wildlife management.