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These guidelines outline the principles by which Marathon Oil demonstrates our commitment to economic, environmental, safety and social sustainability in communities where we operate. This includes complying with the law, adhering to high standards of business ethics, being accountable to stakeholders for our actions, and considering how our operations affect others and how we can address stakeholders’ concerns.

  • Community Development and Social Investment
    Work with stakeholders to understand how the Company’s operations impact local communities, and engage with organizations to appropriately develop and support sustainable projects that address economic, environmental, safety and social issues.
  • Stakeholder Engagement
    Engage with internal and external stakeholders to understand concerns, mitigate risks, address potential economic, environmental, safety and social issues, and foster relationships of trust and mutual understanding about Company operations.
  • Human Rights
    Respect and protect fundamental human and worker rights and manage security activities in a responsible and ethical manner in accordance with globally accepted practices and principles on security and human rights.
  • Emerging Issues
    Review the potential risks of key regulatory and legislative issues that could impact our business and develop positions and strategies with relevant internal and external stakeholders to help manage and mitigate the impact of these issues.
  • Corporate Sustainability Reporting
    Document our corporate sustainability efforts and report on non-financial performance as a means of measuring progress and advancing transparency and stakeholder dialogue.
  • Transparency
    Conduct our business with integrity and high standards for transparency and promote openness in business dealings through cooperation and dialogue among producing countries, business partners and other third parties as deemed appropriate.
  • Capacity Building
    Encourage host governments and communities to develop and sustain themselves through their own human capital. Encourage the development and use of local workforce and suppliers in developing countries and relevant domestic locations to meet local content requirements.
  • Feedback Mechanism
    Appropriately manage feedback from external stakeholders with an interest in our business activities to better understand and consider their concerns.