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SECURITY AND Emergency Preparedness

To protect personnel, facilities, and neighboring communities worldwide, Marathon Oil’s management system provides a structured approach to tailor security and emergency preparedness programs to specific local operating conditions.

Marathon Oil wants to create a safe and secure business through operational excellence. Our culture embraces the principles of prevention and preparedness so that we are ready to respond in the event that an incident occurs.

We have emergency response and business continuity plans in place that are supplemented by ongoing training of employee teams to ensure that we are able to respond to multiple incident types, including:

  • Natural disasters like hurricanes or earthquakes
  • Security incidents such as civil unrest
  • Operational disruptions resulting in injuries, spills, fires or explosions

When an emergency situation arises, Marathon Oil’s approach is to respond decisively and in cooperation with all relevant stakeholders. Our ability to do this is based on:

  • Maintaining response teams at the local, regional and corporate levels
  • Retaining a network of response contractors and consultants
  • Conducting annual training, drills and exercises including government agencies and key stakeholders
  • Participating in industry associations to share lessons learned and drive improvements
  • Maintaining a corporate Emergency Preparedness and Security Group dedicated to risk identification, preparedness training and response planning.

Response Teams

Local Teams - Tier 1:
Every asset and business component we operate has a local team. Through training, drills and lessons learned from real events these teams maintain the ability to respond to scenarios that could impact their operations.

Regional Teams - Tier 2:
If an event exceeds the capacity of the local team, a regional team will be activated. Regional teams are maintained through a training and drill program administered by the Security and Emergency Preparedness Group.

Marathon Oil’s Corporate Emergency Response Team (CERT) has access to Company-wide resources and operates under supplements the capabilities of our regional teams. Like the regional teams the corporate team is maintained through an annual drill and training program.

Response Contractors, Consultants and Mutual Aid

Marathon Oil holds memberships and actively participates in many global response organizations, such as Oil Spill Response Limited (OSRL), Oil Spill Response Capping Limited (OSRCL) and Clean Gulf Associates (CGA). For operations in the Gulf of Mexico, Marathon Oil can also call upon mutual aid agreements held with organizations such as HWCG, which employs the deepwater technical and equipment assets of other operating oil companies and deepwater service providers. In emerging markets, Marathon Oil also has mutual aid agreements at the operating level with other oil and gas companies to maximize the effectiveness of each company's response resources.

Industry Response Associations

Marathon Oil is an active member in organizations such as the American Petroleum Institute (API) and the International Petroleum Industry Environmental Conservation Association (IPIECA) and participates in their oil spill working groups. Through these associations, Marathon Oil participates in the regulatory process and technical development process for new and innovative response techniques worldwide.