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Information Management


AboutUs-Technology-Upstream-InfomationManagementOil and gas exploration and production (E&P) is an expensive endeavor — and technology is critical in solving challenges throughout E&P efforts. To determine where oil and gas deposits are located and how to extract them, we must first assess vast quantities of data. Our visualization center helps evaluate data in a more collaborative environment; it’s the high-tech heart of a suite of workrooms used for evaluation and planning sessions, partner meetings, training and management presentations. Geologists, geophysicists, engineers and drilling experts review all types of data in the Visionarium.

Marathon Oil has a strong community outreach program. As part of this program, students visit the Visionarium, fostering an interest in math and science. During educational sessions, students learn how oil is trapped in rocks and watch demonstrations of software used to evaluate different reservoir attributes.

GIS Technology

GIS (Geographic Information Systems) is a mapping technology that allows spatial data from a variety of different sources to be combined into accurate, flexible maps that facilitate analysis and visualization. Because almost every issue has a geographic component, GIS is widely used in industry, government, scientific and military organizations. Marathon Oil has several hundred engineers, landmen, geoscientists and HES professionals who routinely use GIS technologies to facilitate their work.

Marathon Oil maintains a large library of spatial data, including geography, cultural features, satellite and aircraft-acquired imagery, terrain and water depth grids, pipelines and processing facility locations, oil and gas wells, lease and license boundaries, and field outlines. Library data are routinely updated so the latest data is always available to our GIS users. The library covers the entire world, with additional data detailing known producing basins. Custom surveys of aerial imagery or terrain data are also contracted over Marathon Oil leases.