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MOC-Petrophysics-Slide4Petrophysics encourages integration and assures technical excellence by providing geoscientists and engineers access to the best collective knowledge within Marathon Oil. Teams share internal and external information and industry “best practice” experiences on how to collect, validate, combine, and interpret well data. Data include seismic petrophysics, laboratory measurements of core and reservoir quality description, and prediction through sedimentary petrology. Results of this work are used in the estimation and prediction of resources, reserves and performance.

MOC-Petrophysics-Slide3Petrophysics also seeks innovative solutions, by enhancing analyses and integration of multi-disciplinary data including projects in the prestack seismic domain (PetroSI), and scale transformations (pore-to-core-to-log-to-seismic-to-flow simulation).



Of particular importance are Marathon Oil’s proprietary analysis techniques which provide exclusive augmentation to those available at commercial laboratories. These proprietary core studies enable more detailed evaluation of resource plays and heavy oil reservoirs, with the goal of more accurate prediction of performance.



These state-of-the-art techniques include:
  • Reservoir measurements at in-situ temperature and pressure
  • Geomechanics of completion and restimulation
  • Transport and flow (permeability, enhanced oil recovery (EOR), production effects)
  • Storage capacity  by examining porosity initially and with production effects
  • Rock physics for seismic interpretation