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Production Optimization

Annular Velocity Enhancement (AVE)


Once placed on production, every well must be closely monitored to make sure it continues to operate at maximum efficiency.  Production Optimization is critical to ensuring recovery of developed reserves and maximizing revenues.  Minimizing volumes and handling of produced water is also of utmost importance.

RFIDImage2One area of technology focus is upon artificial lift Enhancement (AVE) systems to prevent liquid loading in long vertical and horizontal well sections.  A technology developed by Marathon Oil, the AVE system, removes low- to medium-volumes of liquids that inhibit flow from gas wells. AVE equipment includes a packer and crossover assembly that allow wells to be gas lifted below packers with retrievable gas-lift valves). Liquids typically accumulate in the wellbore as gas production rate falls below the critical liquid removal velocity. If allowed to accumulate in the wellbore, these liquids will cause near-well relative permeability damage and reduce recoverable reserves. AVE has successfully reestablished economic production in numerous Marathon Oil wells, resulting in significant reserve additions.