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Seismic imaging

Ever-improving seismic images are a continuous goal across our industry. Seismic images are critical throughout our entire operations, ranging from New Venture, Exploration, Appraisal and Development endeavors. Imaging success in our offshore environments has yielded improvements in our emerging resource play activities.

We have internal capabilities to acquire, process, and interpret almost any seismic program. We focus internal efforts on a select few proprietary programs and outsource the remaining efforts to established vendors.


Marathon Oil geophysicists work with external geophysical vendors to employ advanced industry technology and exercise optimal work flows to create the best seismic images. The foundation of our seismic imaging efforts is construction of an Earth Model where data are integrated to constrain subsurface images. The Earth Model extends beyond seismic imaging to facilitate integration in visualization and reservoir characterization. Ultimately, this integration reduces risk and uncertainty earlier in the decision process, thus driving higher value throughout our assets.