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Living Our Values to Protect the Environment

We are environmental stewards, who responsibly grow and improve our business by effectively applying best-in-class technologies, training and processes to minimize our environmental impact.


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Marathon Oil believes protecting the environment is essential, and we reinforce with employees and contractors that compliance with regulations and laws is not negotiable. We have a long-standing commitment to environmental stewardship and continuous improvement in our environmental performance. We work to understand and manage our environmental risks to produce energy responsibly by using natural resources efficiently and actively managing potential impacts on air, water, land and wildlife.

Our Responsible Operations Management System provides a structured approach to managing our environmental risks. We strive to eliminate or reduce the environmental impacts of our operations by developing sound practices for managing emissions, water and waste at the regional and local levels. We employ environmental management strategies and processes to:

  • Promote compliance with all applicable regulations or, in the absence of fully developed regulatory structures, with World Bank Guidelines in effect at the time of the engineering design of the facilities or equipment.
  • Identify and prioritize significant sources of air emissions, waste and water use.
  • Systematically identify, evaluate and implement potential solutions to reduce air emissions, waste and fresh water use and to prevent spills.
  • Systematically track and report environmental performance data and management practices to internal and external stakeholders.


Our commitment is to reduce spills and releases to the air, minimize wastes, and promote water management, conservation and biodiversity. In 2015, Marathon Oil:

  • Increased our air emissions disclosures in this report in our continuing efforts to be responsive to our stakeholders.
  • Proactively used infrared cameras to identify solutions to reduce air emissions.
  • Reduced water consumption in our U.S. onshore operations by 34 percent from 2014 due to lower drilling and completion activity. Approximately 72 percent of water used was nonfresh water.
  • Decreased by 13 percent the number of spill events to the environment greater than or equal to a barrel from 2014, while the total volume of spills increased 68 percent.
  • Participated as part of an operator consortium in North Dakota’s Energy & Environmental Research Center (EERC) on improvements to the efficiency of wellsite operations; design and implementation of new approaches to exploration, development and production; and other projects.

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