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Marathon Oil focuses on preventing spills and releases of oil and gas.

We develop procedures, install mechanical safeguards, and conduct preventive maintenance and equipment inspections to prevent spills and releases. We periodically update our plans for storm water and spill prevention, control and countermeasures to ensure compliance and continuous improvement. When investigating spills and discharges to identify their cause, we look at both the actual and potential spill severity. The Company takes incident-specific actions and, if necessary, broad corrective actions including remediation.

Across our operations in 2015, the total number of spill events to the environment greater than or equal to a barrel decreased by 13 percent from 2014, primarily as a result of reduced drilling and completion activities. However, during the same period the total spill volume increased by 68 percent, mainly due to flowline failures in the Eagle Ford and Wyoming.

Incident investigations in the Eagle Ford identified microbial-induced corrosion (MIC) as the primary cause of an increasing trend of flowline failures. We have risk-assessed the pipeline distribution system and prioritized corrective actions including increased pigging of flowlines and intensified corrosion treatment. We also perform flyovers of flowlines to improve early detection of spills.



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