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Marathon Oil conducts our business with high standards for responsible operations, which we believe demonstrates good governance.

 As a responsible operator, we maintain comprehensive emergency preparedness and response capabilities, including:

  • Requirements in our Responsible Operations Management System (ROMS)
  • Response teams at the local, regional and corporate levels, including the Corporate Emergency Response Team (CERT) that operates under the authority of the executive-level Crisis Management Team
  • A network of response contractors and consultants
  • Annual training, drills and exercises with government agencies and key stakeholders
  • Participation in industry associations to share lessons learned and drive improvements
  • A corporate Security and Emergency Preparedness Group with professionals dedicated full time to training, drills and participation in industry emergency response activities

Marathon Oil is increasing business unit ownership of security and emergency preparedness, while focusing the Corporate Security and Emergency Preparedness Group on enterprise-wide activities. This shift is part of a multi-year plan to maintain institutional and role-specific competency at the operating level and to build a corporate effort based on the management system to validate business unit response capabilities. Corporate Security subject matter experts will continue to fill incident command roles and coordinate with business unit leaders to maintain effective response capabilities.

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