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Sustainability Oversight

Marathon Oil believes that a company must address its responsibilities for governance, society, the environment and its workforce to achieve sustainable business success and create value.

We look beyond our office walls and operational facilities to understand how our decisions, actions and operations affect others, and how we can address stakeholders’ critical needs.

Our Corporate Sustainability Guidelines outline how the Company will demonstrate our commitment to economic, environmental, safety and social sustainability in the communities where we operate. Together with our Responsible Operations Management System (ROMS) and other resources, these guidelines help employees manage our business and external stakeholder relationships responsibly.

Marathon Oil expects employees to incorporate sustainability processes and activities such as stakeholder engagement and capacity building when conducting our business. Sustainability commitments are set at the corporate level and asset managers determine when and how to apply the guidelines to help achieve asset operational goals and support sustainability locally.

Delivering on sustainability principles is a collaborative effort among internal stakeholders. The executive vice president, general counsel and secretary, and vice president of technology and innovation are responsible for implementing the guidelines, with oversight from the Health, Environmental, Safety and Corporate Responsibility (HES&CR) Committee of our Board of Directors.

The Marathon Oil executive committee, which comprises operating component and support function officers, is accountable to the board for activities related to sustainability.

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