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As a result of increased seismic activity in Oklahoma and Texas, regulators and public sector groups are studying potential links between the disposal of wastewater from oil and gas operations and seismic events.


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Marathon Oil currently does not own or operate any injection wells for wastewater disposal in targeted formations in Oklahoma, and therefore is not directly subject to any existing or proposed future regulations governing injection wells.

However, Marathon Oil monitors all regulatory efforts related to seismic activity in Oklahoma and Texas, to assess their potential commercial and operational impacts. We are evaluating a long-term management strategy that includes alternative waste water disposal methods, and recycling and reuse of produced water.

In addition, we continue to engage with state governments, both independently and with API, the Oklahoma Oil and Gas Association (OKOGA), Texas Oil and Gas Association (TXOGA), American Exploration and Production Council (AXPC) and the Oklahoma Independent Producers Association (OIPA). Our activities include monitoring research and complying with permitting requirements for injection of liquids into wells. We are a member of the Stanford Center for Induced and Triggered Seismicity consortium, whose mission is to conduct fundamental research on the physical processes responsible for induced and triggered seismicity, and to develop a scientifically based framework for seismic risk assessment and risk management. This research is used by state governments to regulate the oil and gas industry.

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