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Marathon Oil recruits people with a broad spectrum of experience levels, backgrounds and perspectives to be the catalyst for new ideas and innovation that support business growth and sustainability.

Diversity and Inclusion      To help diversify our workforce, Marathon Oil partners with local and national organizations such as UNCF, the Women’s Energy Network, Human Rights Campaign and API’s Workforce of the Future Committee. We partnered with the Hispanic Alliance for Career Advancement (HACE) in 2014, and hosted and led its eight-week academy for emerging Hispanic women leaders in 2015. The Company also partners with organizations like the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation and Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute to promote education opportunities for underserved communities.

Marathon Oil believes inclusion is essential to diversity. Our commitment is to maintain an inclusive work environment where our employees can collaborate and feel comfortable sharing their ideas and challenging each other. This will enable them to reach their full potential and help us to create a high-performance team of employees who deliver strong operating and financial results.

In 2015, we updated our training on inclusion practices, including how to address unconscious bias and motivate teams. We continue to grow a strong internal community of advocates and champions.



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