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We are committed to expanding our operations to create value for shareholders and further economic progress.

Stakeholder Engagement

At the same time, we will conduct our business with a high regard for the health and safety of our neighbors, communities, employees, contractors and the environment. Marathon Oil believes stakeholder engagement strengthens our ability to manage community impacts and risks, access new resources, operate efficiently, avoid project delays and sustain effective relationships.

Our commitment is to work with people interested in Marathon Oil projects or operations to understand how our operations impact local communities and to develop strategies and plans that deliver mutually beneficial results.

The Company’s sustainability guidelines encourage local asset teams to engage stakeholders to share information about our activities, seek feedback and ensure we understand their concerns and priorities. In 2015, we developed a stakeholder engagement tool kit that local asset teams can use to identify stakeholders and critical impacts, assess risk and plan engagement activities. Stakeholder engagements are tracked in our Synergi software as needed to manage risk and monitor follow-through and resolution of issues. Engagements tracked in 2015 included landowner and surface owner concerns about potential environmental and safety issues and Marathon Oil’s actions to follow up and resolve the issues.

In 2015, our Oklahoma asset team developed and implemented a stakeholder engagement program to build on strong relationships developed over the past 100 years that Marathon Oil has operated in the state. To support future operational expansion in Oklahoma, the program focuses on engaging employees and government officials, building community awareness of Marathon Oil and strengthening key business and strategic vendor partnerships. Oklahoma is using Synergi to document and verify issues and concerns raised by external stakeholders and to track and communicate planned engagement activities.

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