MRO employees take the spotlight in national advertising campaign

Next time you’re channel surfing or watching Hulu, if you come across a "Power Past Impossible" commercial from the American Petroleum Institute, hit pause and look for our Marathon Oil employees.

The industry is becoming more and more high-tech every day. And the incredible women and men of our industry – the engineers, analysts, scientists, geologists and more – are using their brainpower to create cutting-edge technologies that make energy development more precise, efficient and safer than ever before.

Seven technology-focused employees from six API member companies participated in the filming of API’s latest ad called "Turning Brainpower into Horsepower" in API's Power Past Impossible campaign.

The ad features two employees from Marathon Oil, Jonathan and Kristen.

“I was pretty surprised to be asked to participate,” said Jonathan, who works on the Advanced Analytics team. But his role alone shows how far the industry has evolved in terms of technology. “I use data mining and machine learning to unlock patterns that help us understand reservoirs better,” he explains.

“We’re thrilled for Marathon Oil to be featured in a message showcasing the cutting-edge innovation in our industry.” 

Megan, Creative Resources

For Kristen, a planning manager for the Bakken, the opportunity was also unexpected. “A TV commercial was never in my career plan,” she said. “But what a unique opportunity to experience a whole different industry while helping to modernize the image of oil and gas.”

“That was our intent,” said API’s Jocelyn Kelly. “We wanted to feature the people driving the innovations in energy – natural gas and oil employees – and illustrate how they are making a difference for future generations. Every dream, every breakthrough comes from the dedicated women and men in our industry. This ad, and the behind-the-scenes footage from the commercial shoot, is an opportunity to hear from them.” 

The commercial launched May 3 on CNN, FoxNews and MSNBC, and across digital channels such as streaming Hulu, YouTube, online news sites and social channels.

In a Facebook post, the director explains why he was excited about telling the energy story.

For more on the campaign and the featured employees, watch more behind-the-scenes videos and follow Power Past Impossible on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

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