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We have invested significantly to improve our facilities and capabilities in this West African asset, support sustainable development of the local economy and reinvest in the community. In 2017, we expect significant free cash flow from our Equatorial Guinea asset. Our most recent investment, the Alba B3 compression project, is a model of sustainability for our Company. Throughout the project, we developed local content and built national capacity, while adhering to U.S. performance standards. We completed this major offshore engineering and construction project on time

and on budget with first production in the third quarter of 2016. In addition to creating shareholder value by extending the Alba field’s plateau production and the asset’s life beyond 2030, the project allows us to continue sustainable social programs that build capacity and improve well-being in Equatorial Guinea. Extending Alba’s life also gives Bioko Island’s 280,000 residents continued access to the island’s only power station and their sole source of cooking gas and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).


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Punta Europa, P.O. Box 742
Bioko Norte, Malabo, Guinea Equatorial

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CAREERSInternships for EquatoguineanS

Our internship program allows Equatoguinean college and trade school students to shadow employees and get on-the-job experience in our facilities, with the intent that interns obtain degrees in engineering, geosciences or geology to further build the oil and gas industry in their home country. 

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Hiring National citizens in E.G.

In Equatorial Guinea, we employ almost 800 national citizens. Through recruiting, training, workforce integration, and educational and vocational programs, Equatoguineans have grown to be 74 percent of our workforce. Since 2010, Equatoguineans have been promoted over 1,400 times, with 358 national employees promoted to higher employee grades. We provide pay above the national average and benefits for all national employees.


Note that we only accept resumes and applications for posted positions.

An Equal Opportunity Employer
Marathon Equatorial Guinea Production Limited "MEGPL" will take the necessary action to ensure that applicants are treated without regard to their race, ethnicity, color, religion, sex, age, disability status, national origin, sexual orientation, genetic information, gender identity, protected veteran status or other protected status under applicable employment law.