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New PlayNorthern Delaware, New Mexico

About the PlayPermian

The Northern Delaware basin, which is located within the greater Permian area, has been drawing a lot of attention and for good reason. The geology with 5,000 feet of oil-rich stacked pay creates outstanding well economics. We closed on our two acquisitions in May and June of 2017, giving us a strong foundational footprint in the region where we've begun developing the Wolfcamp and Bone Spring plays.

"While we expect to pursue additional trades and grassroots leasing, this bolt-on achieves the scale necessary for efficient long-term development in the basin," said CEO Lee Tillman in March 2017 following the announcement of the acquisition of Black Mountain assets. The acreage is estimated to hold approximately 1.45 billion BOE of total resource potential.


Latest Activity1Q 2018

Our Northern Delaware production averaged 16,000 net boed in 1Q 2018. We brought nine gross Company-operated wells to sales in Eddy and Lea Counties, seven of which had average 30-day initial production rates of 1,460 boed (69% oil). In the last six months, Marathon Oil has added 165 risked gross Company-operated locations with an average working interest of 65% through trades and a small bolt-on acquisition. The Company is currently benefiting from its Midland-Cushing basis swaps. Open positions include 10,000 bopd hedged at a discount of less than $1 to WTI for the second half of 2018 and all of 2019.

Regional Office: Carlsbad, NM

16,000 Net BOED in 1Q 2018


expected gross operated wells to sales in 2018


Pad drilling

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