Positioned for Profitable GrowthSTACK/SCOOP, Oklahoma

About the PlaySTACK/SCOOP

With a history in Oklahoma that dates back more than 100 years, today our primary focus in Oklahoma has been delineation and leasehold protection in the Meramec play in the STACK and delineation of the Woodford and Springer plays in the SCOOP, as we move toward infill development. 

We hold net acreage with rights to the Woodford, Springer, Meramec, Osage, Oswego, Granite Wash and other Pennsylvanian and Mississippian plays, with a majority of this in the SCOOP and STACK.  


Latest Activity1Q 2018

Our unconventional Oklahoma production averaged 75,000 net boed during 1Q 2018, up 17% from the prior quarter. Oil production was up 25% sequentially. We brought 17 gross Company-operated wells to sales during the quarter primarily focused on Meramec leasehold activity in the STACK. This largely completes the STACK leasehold program for the year, and allows for the transition to pad drilling for the remainder of 2018. In the normally pressured STACK, improved drilling efficiencies and optimized completion designs resulted in completed well costs for first quarter standard-lateral Meramec wells averaging $4 million.

Regional Office: Oklahoma city, ok

130 Employees based in Oklahoma at Yearend 2016

75,000 Net BOED average production in 1Q 2018


expected gross operated wells to sales in 2018

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Two Marathon Oil employees monitoring seismicity in the SCOOP/STACK area of Oklahoma

Understanding the IssueSeismicity

In late 2016, Oklahoma regulators issued new guidelines for oil and gas operators to manage risks of potential anomalous seismicity in the SCOOP/STACK area of the state.


Marathon Oil hydraulic fracturing facility

Using Best PracticesHydraulic Fracturing

In combination with advanced horizontal drilling technology, fracking makes it possible to develop oil and gas resources that were previously inaccessible.


Challenging the Status QuoOklahoma

Process Engineer Sarah DuConge highlights how it takes teamwork, technology and good old-fashioned engineering to sustain base production.

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