Owner Relations FAQs

Section I

Owner Information

Address changes must be received in writing and must be signed by the owner(s). Include your owner number, name, old address, new address, last 4 digits of your social security or tax identification number, and signature. You may use the Address Change Form.

Please provide us with a copy of the legal documentation supporting the changes, such as a recorded marriage certificate, divorce decree, or court order.

Section II

Payment Information

Payments are issued by the 25th of each month. A payment is issued when a balance of $50 has accumulated. Amounts less than $50 will be paid annually, unless the well is located in North Dakota which issues payments less than $50 biannually. Owners with interest in oil and gas wells in Texas or Oklahoma may elect to receive monthly payments for proceeds greater than $25. If you elect this option, please mail, email, or fax your request to Marathon Oil Company. Please note that your request must include the owner's signature.

Download and complete the Direct Deposit Enrollment Form. Include a voided check copy and mail, email or fax the form the Marathon Oil Company. When paid by direct deposit, statements will be available electronically on the Owner Relations website.

Download and complete the Direct Deposit Change Form and make the necessary changes. Include a voided check copy and mail, email or fax the form to Marathon Oil Company.

Download and complete the Direct Deposit Termination Form. Once completed, please mail, email or fax a copy of the form to Marathon Oil Company.

Marathon Oil provides access to view and print royalty payment check stubs through Energylink. Please have your most recent check stub available to complete the Owner Registration Process.

Please allow 10 business days to receive your check. If your check is lost or stolen, please contact Marathon Owner Relations immediately to stop payment. If your check is stale dated, void the check and mail it to Marathon Oil Company with a request to reissue.

Many factors may contribute to your payment such as market conditions, fluctuating commodity prices, production volumes, and well downtime.

This may occur because ownership between family members is not equal, one party has not provided Marathon with a W-9, some family members may own interest in other properties in addition to those commonly owned, or some family members may be subject to different state taxes based on their resident state. Additionally, if a family member has been in suspense or has had checks returned and reissued this can cause the monthly payment amount to vary.

Section III

Transfer Information

Please forward a recorded copy of the applicable deed, assignment, or other legal instrument of conveyance, and any other information you feel is relevant to the transfer. Also, please include the new owner's mailing address with a completed W-9 form.

Requirements to transfer title of a deceased owner vary by state. In all cases, we will require a copy of the death certificate. If probate proceedings have been opened, please provide a copy of the admitted will and all probate documents. Please include the heirs' mailing addresses with completed W-9 forms. Please contact Marathon Oil Company for specific instructions regarding your situation.

All conveyance and heirship documents must be filed of record with the county or parish where the property is located. Please contact the county clerk for specific information regarding recording requirements.

Section IV

1099 & Tax Questions

  • A valid W-9 or W-8 form must be provided to Marathon Oil Company for reporting and identification purposes. Without a W-9 or W-8 form Marathon Oil Company is required to withhold a percentage of revenue based on the Internal Revenue Service withholding rates. All backup withholding is reported on your 1099 at year-end, and is considered a payment to the IRS on your behalf. Marathon Oil Company does not issue refunds for backup withholding. Royalty owners are able to report the withholding on their income tax returns at the end of the year.

1099 tax forms are issued according to federal requirements. Royalty Interest owners who receive $10 or more, Working Interest owners who receive $600 or more, and Royalty/Working Interest owners who receive interest in the amount of $10 or more will receive a 1099 for the calendar year. Marathon Oil Company will mail 1099s on or before January 31 of the following calendar year. If an owner did not receive a 1099 form and needs one please call our Marathon Owner Relations team at 888-522-8871 to be mailed or emailed a copy of your 1099 form. The forms can now be accessed on Energylink as well; for further instruction to access please use the following link View/Print 1099 Statements from the Invoice/Check Search Screen.

The format of the 1099 MISC and NEC are changing with tax year 2021, please click here to see the form differences for Tax Year 2020 (old) vs Tax Year 2021(new).

The IRS has a new 1099 form starting with Tax Year 2020 and onward; the NEC form. The IRS has moved Box 7 (Working Interest) to this new NEC form and the Working Interest now resides in Box 1 on the new form. Box 7 will no longer show an amount on the 1099-MISC form.

Section V

Unclaimed Funds

If you received a letter from Marathon Oil Company regarding unclaimed funds, please return the letter with the listed owner's signature within 30 days to avoid the funds being escheated to the state. Due to high volumes, it may take up to 60 days to release your interest to pay. We will contact you if additional documentation is required to release the funds.

Each state makes an effort to locate rightful owners of production revenues through a single organization, holding the funds until the owner is found. To locate and collect unclaimed funds, please visit the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators' (NAUPA) website at http://www.unclaimed.org/.

Section VI


Marathon Oil Company cannot suggest a value for an owner's mineral interest.

A Division Order is a document Marathon Oil issues to describe the property, operator, legal description, owner's address and tax identification number, and the owner's decimal interest in the property. The owner is asked to verify the information and sign and return the Division Order.

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