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HES&S Policies

Driving Consistency
Mandatory health, environmental, safety and security (HES&S) policies, standards and procedures drive consistency across Marathon Oil, communicate expectations and set performance requirements.

Our policies and standards cover a range of activities including Stop Work Authority, Event Management, Control of Hazardous Energy and Hot Work. We update the standards as needed to reflect changes in laws or regulations, and incorporate recommendations arising from audits, incident investigations and lessons learned sharing to drive continuous improvement in HES performance.

In 2018, Marathon Oil updated our Life Critical Standards and Procedures to ensure consistency across all assets for easier implementation in the field. The new standard covering 10 Life Critical Activities and related procedures went into effect on May 1, 2019.

Through programs such as Lessons Learned Sharing and Contractor Management, we raise awareness of our requirements among employees, contractors and suppliers.

The Responsible Operations Management System (ROMS) Audit and Improvement element promotes adherence to our standards and regulatory requirements through our tiered audit program that focuses on:

  • Tier I: Physical checks of facilities and equipment to ensure conditions are satisfactory
  • Tier II: Risk-based audit to monitor effectiveness of processes, procedures and systems
  • Tier III: Management system audit to determine conformance and effectiveness of management system expectations

Business units develop plans to address audit findings, track the plans through completion of corrective actions and share lessons learned. Key audit findings and trends are communicated to HES&S leadership and executive management, who then set priorities to seek solutions for gaps or issues that are identified.

Dan Kalisek
Director, Health, Environment, Safety and Security

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