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Supply Chain Monitoring

Ensuring Alignment Every Step of the Way
Marathon Oil’s supplier and contractor relationships are governed by the Third-Party Services element of our Responsible Operations Management System (ROMS), Procurement and Contracting Standard, Anti-Corruption Compliance Policy, Code of Business Conduct, and our health, environmental and safety (HES) standards and policies.

Marathon Oil pre-screens companies using a stringent vetting process and controls the use of suppliers through an internal approved suppliers list. The company follows processes to determine the type of commercial agreement with approved terms and conditions for third-party services. The Code of Business Conduct and all relevant standards and policies are referenced in the agreement, and are available to contractors on our internal supplier portal in their most current version. Changes to standards and policies are communicated through Marathon Oil’s external website and other channels to ensure contractors are aware of the changes and can take action as needed to comply. 

To prevent bribery, our business partners must comply with our Procurement and Contracting Standard and the Anti-Corruption Compliance Policy. Global Supply Chain is responsible for conducting all contracting and procurement activities in an objective, ethical manner in accordance with the standard and applicable anti-corruption laws. Our Anti-Corruption Compliance Policy requires potential business partners within specified higher-risk categories to successfully complete due diligence and be approved by Marathon Oil’s Law function before engagement by Global Supply Chain.

If the third party is approved for use, they may be required to participate in Marathon Oil anti-bribery training and/or undergo a contracts and compliance audit conducted by our Internal Audit function. In addition, all third parties are directed to report business ethics concerns to our Integrity Helpline.

Tracie Slone
Vice President, Global Supply Chain

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