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This report is based on the IPIECA/API/IOGP "Oil & Gas Industry Guidance on Voluntary Sustainability Reporting" with additional indicators informed by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standard¹. The index below lists indicators on which we have fully or partially reported.


PageIPIECA/API/IOGP IndicatorsGRI Content Index
About this Report102-1; 102-32; 102-46; 102-52; 102-53
Marathon Oil at a Glance102-2; 102-3; 102-4; 102-7
CEO MessageE6, E8, HS1, HS3, SE1, SE4102-14
Board MessageE1, E6, E8, E9, HS2, SE4 102-14
Stakeholder MapE6, E8, HS1, SE1, SE4, SE5, SE7, SE8, SE10, SE13, SE14, SE17, SE18, SE16102-40


PageIPIECA/API/IOGP IndicatorsGRI Content Index
Governance OverviewSE15, SE17, SE18102-18; 102-23
Board OversightSE15102-22; 102-24; 102-27; 102-35
Management SystemsHS1, HS3, SE10, SE17102-19; 102-20; 102-21; 102-26; 102-29; 102-30; 102-31; 103-1; 103-2; 103-3; 403-2
HES&S PoliciesHS1
Sustainability OversightHS3, SE1, SE16102-15; 102-21; 102-46; 102-47
Ethical Business PracticesSE9, SE11, SE12, SE13, SE17, SE18102-16; 102-17; 205-2
Supply Chain MonitoringSE12103-2
Political Contributions and Lobbying ActivitiesSE14415-1


PageIPIECA/API/IOGP IndicatorsGRI Content Index
Water ManagementE6, E8, SE1, SE14
Technology and InnovationSE16
Equatorial GuineaHS1, HS2, HS3, SE1, SE4, SE5, SE6, SE7, SE10, SE13, SE17


PageIPIECA/API/IOGP IndicatorsGRI Content Index
Environment OverviewE1, E6, E9, SE1, SE14, SE17103-1; 103-2
Climate ChangeE1
Emissions ManagementE1, E4, E8305-1; 305-2; 305-4; 305-5; 305-7; OG6
Emissions Reduction StrategiesE1, E3, E4
Land Stewardship and BiodiversityE5, E6, SE4304-1; 304-2; 304-3; 304-4
Water StewardshipE6303-1; 303-2; 303-3; 303-4; 306-1; OG5
Spill PreventionE9306-3
Hydraulic FracturingE4, E6, E8, E9, E10, HS4
SeismicityHS4, SE1

Safety and Workforce

PageIPIECA/API/IOGP IndicatorsGRI Content Index
Safety OverviewHS1, HS3, HS5, SE1, SE17103-1; 103-2; 403-1
Safety ProgressHS1, HS2, HS4, HS5, SE17403-2; 403-4; 403-9; OG13
HES&S TrainingHS1, HS5, SE17403-4; 403-5
Workforce HealthHS1, HS2, HS4, SE1, SE4403-3; 403-6
Emergency PreparednessHS1, SE1, SE17
Workforce OverviewSE15, SE16, SE17102-8; 401-1
Diversity and InclusionSE15, SE17102-8
Training and DevelopmentHS1, SE15, SE16, SE17404-1; 404-2
Employee EngagementSE16403-4


PageIPIECA/API/IOGP IndicatorsGRI Content Index
Society OverviewE5, HS2, SE1, SE4203-1; 413-2
Stakeholder EngagementSE1, SE2, SE5, SE7OG9
Social InvestmentHS2, SE1, SE4203-2
Supply Chain ManagementHS1, SE5, SE6, SE7204-1; 308-1
Security and Human Rights410-1; 412-1
¹Important Note: This index does not imply that the Marathon Oil Report is in accordance with the GRI Standard

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