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Employee Engagement

Developing a Culture We Can Be Proud Of
An engaged workforce has the high level of commitment, productivity and performance a company needs to be sustainable.

Marathon Oil periodically assesses employee engagement levels and trends to gauge our progress, strengths and areas for improvement to shape the future of our company. Our 2018 employee survey, administered by a third party, yielded an 88% response rate, with results trending positively compared to the previous survey in 2016. These strong indicators of employee engagement earned Marathon Oil a spot among the top 30 large companies in the 2018 Houston Top 150 Workplaces.

Engagement is measured positively based on survey responses to questions on motivation, referral and loyalty. As a result of the responses, Marathon Oil scored 47% for employee engagement, a 15% increase over the 2016 survey. In addition, 75% of employees who responded indicated that they feel they’re motivated to give their very best at work and would highly recommend working at Marathon Oil to others.

The work/life balance and flexibility at Marathon Oil received the highest score of all core employment attributes, followed by the overall experience of working at the company. Survey responses also indicated that employees understand and have bought into the company’s strategy, but need to believe that we’re taking the right risks and can repeat our successes.

Based on survey outcomes, Marathon Oil asset and function teams are sharing results, analyzing feedback and prioritizing actions that will have the most impact. Some outcomes will be addressed at the enterprise level, while local teams will own and be accountable for action planning and execution. We will share successes and keep two-way communication and feedback going to continue engaging Marathon Oil employees for future sustainability.

Ranked among Top Large Companies
2018 Houston Chronicle Top Workplaces

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