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Learning & Development

Meeting Business Needs
Lead Self, Lead Others and Lead Leaders is our framework for success. We take a strategic, multi-pronged approach to organizational learning, which evolves with corporate learning needs and internal/external challenges.

Our approach blends online, on-the-job, formal and informal assessment and coaching to ensure all employees receive the feedback, tools and time they need to reach their fullest potential.

Lead Self, Lead Others, Lead Leaders

We encourage employees to lead themselves by taking charge of their professional development. Our fast-paced, geographically diverse work environment makes it difficult to attend formal classroom-based courses. So in 2019, we created self-service, on-demand “micro learnings” to deliver timely and relevant information to targeted audiences. They’re available on our new Development Hub, a one-stop shop where employees can access recommended readings, practical tips, learning guides and skill development opportunities. The hub is a convenient way for employees to boost their knowledge and skills in bite-sized pieces when they need to, without having to wait for scheduled courses. This puts our employees in control of their development.

As we shifted our operational model in 2019, we aligned training and development with our new business priorities. For example, we brought training courses such as situational leadership and team-building in-house to support the organizational transition, target content to what’s most important to the company and reduce costs.

Employees from across the company attended internal networking events focused on team alignment and building our culture. Our executive team also shared personal career insights. Leaders received a 360-degree assessment to inform their personal development plans and then participated in a facilitated discussion with the Center for Creative Leadership.

Our Premier Leadership Development Series and Field Development Program provide employees a structured path to hone skills to lead others and the organization. The courses are optional but encouraged to enable employees to reach their professional potential and contribute to the company’s growth. They cover how corporate functions impact the exploration and production business, improving team effectiveness, giving and receiving feedback, recognizing unconscious bias and inclusive leadership. In 2019, 168 employees completed over 300 leadership and field development classes. To lead others and the company, supervisors can take Dale Carnegie courses tailored for their team structure.

We strongly encourage newly hired or promoted supervisors to take the Leadership Immersion course covering management essentials, situational leadership and additional diversity and inclusion topics. These courses shifted from large classes to real-time agile training in 2019.

Also in 2019, newly appointed functional directors at Marathon Oil took a course from the Center for Creative Leadership on leading high-performing teams, effective communication and feedback, building trust and managing conflict. They also addressed a real-time Marathon Oil challenge through a purpose-practice exercise, ultimately resulting in concrete recommendations to share with next level leadership.

We track participation in training and development opportunities through our Learning Management System (LMS). In 2019, employees recorded approximately 9,600 hours of computer-based training (CBT) related to health, environmental and safety (HES) regulatory compliance; ethics compliance; mandatory annual diversity training; petrotechnical skills; information technology; and personalized learning.

Hours of annual training

Petrotechnical Development

Petrotechnical employees are vital to Marathon Oil’s resource exploration, development and production efforts. We value their expertise and contributions, and strive to make sure their career at Marathon Oil is rewarding and challenging.

To ensure that we have the technical capabilities needed to run the business of today and in the future, we’ve established a blended partnership between HR professionals and senior technical leaders. These leaders include our vice president of resource exploration, who serves as our chief geoscience engineer; vice president of Oklahoma operations and land, who serves as our chief completions engineer; and our regional vice president of Eagle Ford, who serves as our chief reservoir engineer. They focus on:

  • Improving technical capabilities, by identifying strengths and gaps in technical staff, and mentoring,
  • Improving functional and cross-functional collaboration to promote innovation and collaboration, and
  • Partnering with HR on workforce planning and development.

This strong leadership support demonstrates our commitment to our petrotechs.

Valuing Expertise
Strong leadership support ensures we have the technical capabilities needed to run the business of today and in the future.

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