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Operational Excellence

StrategyU.S. Resource Play Focused

Since 2011, Marathon Oil has strengthened our position as an independent E&P with a substantial shift in focus
to the lower cost, higher margin opportunities in the U.S. resource plays.


Marathon Oil's United States resource plays highlighted on a map


270,000 net surface acres



91,000 net surface acres



STACK: 203,000 net surface acres
SCOOP: 137,000 net surface acres


Eagle Ford

145,000 net surface acres


Our 2017 entry into the Northern Delaware in the Permian basin and exit from Canadian oil sands operations have further simplified and concentrated our portfolio. We now enjoy a differentiated position as the only E&P active in the four best oil-rich U.S. resource basins.

Though many elements of our business are changing, one thing remains firm: our values. We remain steadfast in our commitment to be safe, responsible and ethical.


U.S. resource play average net production in 3Q 2017


Crude oil/condensate


Projected resource play production growth from
4Q 2016 to 4Q 2017 exit

we earn our license
to operate

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