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Safety Overview

Achieving Excellence Through Safe Operations
Marathon Oil is committed to providing safe, healthy and secure workplaces where all those involved can work free of injury and illness.

We strive to achieve excellence through safe operations by working together to fulfill the expectations of our Responsible Operations Management System (ROMS). We actively look out for each other, maintain a safe work environment, continuously improve our procedures and train our workforce to reduce the risk of unplanned incidents and reinforce our strong safety culture.

As a low-cost, high-margin operator, Marathon Oil recognizes that taking the time to run our business responsibly and safely is more important than just doing things quickly. We use best practices and integrate effective safety systems throughout the exploration and production lifecycle. To maintain our stakeholders’ trust, we must operate safely.

We promote our safety and health culture by attracting, developing and retaining individuals and partners who share our commitment to operational excellence. The relationships we build with our large contractor workforce help to prevent fatalities, injuries, fires, spills or explosions that can affect our people or our communities. Our values to collaborate, take ownership, be bold and deliver results enable Marathon Oil to excel, but that’s only possible if our workforce is safe.

Establishing a tone of safety and operational integrity starts at the top and must be reinforced at every level. The senior vice president of operations, who reports to the CEO, has overall leadership accountability for our safety performance, with oversight from the HES and Corporate Responsibility (HES&CR) Committee of the board of directors. In addition, all directors bring experience in, or a strong understanding of, HES issues to their board role. To further reinforce safety as a priority, we incorporate enterprise-wide safety metrics in our annual incentive plan formula for executives and all employees.

Marathon Oil’s HES and security (HES&S) activities are guided by ROMS, which includes HES&S Standards, Procedures, Life Critical Expectations and HES Beliefs. The HES Beliefs define Stop Work Authority, pre-job planning, reporting and sharing of incidents and open communication, and affirm that no job will be performed if we cannot protect our people.

Best TRIR* in company history
*Total Recordable Incident Rate

Performance Highlights

Our safety achievements in 2019 included:

  • The best safety performance in our company’s history, the result of the maturity of our safety culture, ROMS, strong safety leadership engagements and weekly management review of both potential and actual serious events.
  • New, more user-friendly ROMS standards and procedures for safe work permits, confined space entry and other common safety activities.
  • Refreshed safety training content in our Learning Management System (LMS) and new curriculum for designated contractors who perform safety-sensitive work on our locations.
  • Implementing an approval process that factors in compliance with our health and safety policies, including life critical expectations.
  • Activating our business continuity plans to ensure the safety and health of our workforce and sustain critical business functions during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.
  • Leading an API committee driving industrywide improvement in onshore safety, specifically by scaling safety programs to be achievable by smaller oil and gas companies and creating consistent expectations for contractors.

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