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Safety Overview

Achieving Excellence Through Safe Operations
Marathon Oil is committed to providing safe, healthy and secure workplaces where all those involved can work free of injury and illness.

As a low-cost, high-margin operator, Marathon Oil recognizes that taking the time to run our business responsibly and safely is more important than doing things quickly. We strive to achieve excellence through safe operations by working together to fulfill the expectations of our Responsible Operations Management System (ROMS). We use best practices and integrate proven, effective safe work practices throughout the exploration and production lifecycle. We actively look out for each other, maintain a safe work environment, continuously improve our procedures, train our workforce to reduce the risk of unplanned incidents and continually reinforce our mature safety culture.

Operating safely is critical not only to protect our workforce, but to maintain stakeholder trust. Establishing a tone of safety and operational integrity starts at the top and is reinforced at every level of the organization.

Our executive vice president of Operations, who reports to our CEO, is accountable for our safety performance, with oversight from the Health, Environmental, Safety and Corporate Responsibility (HES&CR) Committee of the board of directors. In addition, all directors bring experience in, or a strong understanding of, HES issues to their board role as outlined in our annual proxy statement. To further reinforce safety as a priority, we incorporate enterprise-wide safety metrics in our annual incentive plan for all employees and executives.

Performance Highlights

Our safety achievements in 2020 included:

  • Achieving the best safety performance in our company’s history for the second consecutive year based on Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR). We believe this reflects the continuing maturity of our ROMS management system, as well as our efforts to enhance our safety culture.
  • Implementing programs to drive strong safety leadership engagements, as well as striving to drive out risk through the use of weekly management reviews of both potential and actual serious events.
  • Building a comprehensive Pandemic Response Safety Program from the ground up to protect our workforce.
  • Completing a nearly two-year project to update our safety management system and our safe work practices and procedures. The effort built upon a strong culture of safety and has allowed us to gain additional consistency in how we work regardless of location or business unit.
  • Rolling out simplified tool kits for our field employees that set clear, consistent and understandable safety expectations.

Supporting Safety Improvements Across the Industry

Marathon Oil has worked with the American Petroleum Institute to form the Onshore Safety Alliance (OSA), which is working toward a shared goal of maintaining safe operations. Our employees served on the Executive Steering, Leadership Framework, Data Collection, Personal Safety and Process Safety committees. Through these leadership roles, we contributed to the development of tools and processes to help companies across the industry reduce serious injuries and fatalities. The new OSA program, launched in 2021, includes access to a resource library, training webinars and safety experts for all participating onshore operators free of charge to improve safety performance across the industry.

Second straight year of best TRIR* in company history
*Total Recordable Incident Rate

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