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Equatorial Guinea

Building Long-term Value and Sustainability
Our operations in Equatorial Guinea (EG) continue to demonstrate how an oil and gas company can run a safe and responsible enterprise, build long-term shareholder value and positively improve public health and quality of life.

Our operations in EG include the offshore Alba Field operated by Marathon EG Production Limited (MEGPL) and the Alba Plant LLC’s liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) plant; a liquefied natural gas (LNG) production facility operated by Equatorial Guinea LNG Operations, S.A. (EG LNG); and a methanol production facility, operated by the Atlantic Methanol Production Company (AMPCO).

In 2022, Marathon Oil celebrated our 20th Anniversary of operating in Equatorial Guinea. We have operated our EG integrated gas business to world-class standards of performance since establishing our presence in 2002 while building a largely national workforce, contributing to local economic sustainability, helping enhance community health and education and providing significant social investments to eradicate endemic malaria. The work we’ve done over the last two decades has established our reputation as a reliable partner across all our stakeholders – our employees, suppliers, customers, communities and the EG government – and has set a strong foundation for our future operations in the country.

“Over the last 20 years, we have built a partnership with the Government of Equatorial Guinea based on trust, cooperation, collaboration and mutual respect,” said Mike Henderson, executive vice president of Operations for Marathon Oil. “Together, we have produced critical energy resources for the world and created a positive impact on the communities and people of Equatorial Guinea.”

Our people are key to the continued success of MEGPL and we prioritize developing and promoting Equatoguinean talent for leadership roles. We continue to focus on increasing local content across our operations to make it easier for businesses to work with us and prioritize social impact projects like the life-saving Bioko Island Malaria Elimination Project.

With declining production of developed natural gas and associated liquids from the Alba Field, we’re working with the Government of EG and our partners to create a Gas Mega Hub, with Punta Europa as the center, to process and liquefy gas from proximate fields in EG and neighboring countries. The first phase of the Gas Mega Hub began in early 2021 with the delivery of wet gas from the offshore Alen Field to the Punta Europa complex for processing and liquefaction. Our goal is to continue to be a good corporate neighbor for EG’s people and its economy and to keep Punta Europa facilities operating at capacity by pursuing other resource opportunities for future phases of development.

Environmental Stewardship

The design of our EG facilities and the systems we have in place promote a high level of environmental protection and stewardship. In 2022, MEGPL, EG LNG and AMPCO had zero recordable spills to the environment. We also have waste management vendors that separate, recycle and properly dispose of waste. Additionally, in 2022, MEGPL engaged a third-party to evaluate our greenhouse gas reporting practices in EG and align them with corporate initiatives and the American Petroleum Institute’s (API) Compendium of Greenhouse Gas Methodologies.

Equatorial Guinea Features

Equatorial Guinea

Developing and Protecting Our National Workforce

Developing and Protecting Our National Workforce

Marathon Oil has consistently increased the percentage of national citizens in our workforce in EG through recruiting, training and development assignments, and educational and vocational programs.

Strengthening Local Supply Chain
Supply Chain

Strengthening Local Supply Chain

By increasing local supplier capabilities for our operations, we contribute to economic sustainability in EG.

Invested in the EG Community
Social Projects

Invested in the EG Community

We promote economic, social and environmental sustainability in our business and the communities where we live and work. Learn more about how we advance our business while living our values across all operations.

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