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Workforce Overview

One Team. One Vision.
At Marathon Oil, we believe the strength of our workforce and our corporate culture directly impacts the strength of our business.

To us, a diverse and inclusive workforce that’s engaged, equipped with proper training and development tools, and motivated to perform is a cornerstone of success in our industry.

Our corporate culture encourages employees to collaborate, take ownership, act boldly and deliver results to create enduring value for our business overall. We recognize that large institutional investors and other stakeholders have been increasingly focused on culture and the social aspect of ESG in recent years. In 2019, State Street Global Advisors indicated corporate culture as “one of the many, growing intangible value drivers that affect a company’s ability to execute its long-term strategy.”

The links between culture and a company’s ability to achieve its goals, manage risks and promote long-term value creation have never been clearer. Fortunately, we consider one of our most important forms of capital to be our human capital, and we recognize the benefits of a solid corporate culture. That’s why we were especially proud to be named one of Houston’s Top Workplaces in the large company category in 2018 by The Houston Chronicle. This award exemplifies our commitment to fostering a culture where our employees thrive.

Jill Ramshaw
Vice President, Human Resources

Culture in Action

This section of our sustainability report covers workforce statistics, diversity and inclusion, training and development, and related metrics. All of these impact our corporate culture.

At Marathon Oil, we believe an engaged workforce is a strong workforce. One way we quantify engagement is through employee surveys. We were pleased with our 2018 survey results, which showed that 75% of employees who responded feel they’re motivated to give their very best at work and would highly recommend working at Marathon Oil to others. The work/life balance and flexibility at Marathon Oil received the highest score of all core employment attributes, followed by the overall experience of working at the company.

We believe that diversity of background, experiences and thought among our employees is critical to our success. As you will read in this report, our workforce is increasingly diverse. The percentage of under-represented minorities among our total staff increased from 30.1% in 2017 to 33.3% in 2018. The percentage of women among our total staff increased from 26.1% in 2017 to 28.1% in 2018. We’re proud of this progress and will continue to focus on ways to hire more minority and women employees in the future.

We foster an inclusive work environment where everyone can feel comfortable sharing their ideas and is dedicated to growing our business. Marathon Oil selects, develops and promotes employees based on the individual’s ability and job performance. Our Code of Business Conduct and related policies prohibit workplace harassment, violence or discrimination against any employee or person we do business with based on race, age, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity and other factors. These policies apply to all aspects of employment at Marathon Oil – recruitment, training, development, compensation, performance management and benefits.

In terms of training and development, we believe that preparing our workforce to run a responsible, safe and ethical company is predicated on delivering best-in-class, fit-for-purpose learning. We’re pleased that our employees logged approximately 80,000 hours of computer-based training in 2018. This training covered a multitude of topics, including health, environmental and safety (HES) regulatory compliance, ethics compliance, petrotechnical skills, information technology and personalized learning in our Learning Management System. We also offer leadership development and field leadership courses, and more than 500 employees took at least one of these courses in 2018.

At Marathon Oil, we’re cultivating a strong corporate culture because we believe it motivates our workforce and in turn strengthens our business performance, drives innovation and contributes to greater long-term value creation.

Minority employees added by Marathon Oil in 2018
33.3% of the workforce reflected under-represented minorities at year-end 2018
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Workforce Statistics

Employee retention
Marathon Oil had approximately 2,400 active, full-time employees and approximately 25 part-time employees worldwide at year-end 2018. Our 2018 turnover rate was approximately 12%, compared to approximately 13% in 2017, and our 2018 retirement rate was approximately 2%, compared to approximately 4% in 2017.
  • ᵃ Data does not include total retirement rates of 2.4%, 4.2%, 5.1%, 11.1% and 5.2% for 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015 and 2014, respectively
  • ᵃ Workforce statistics reflect year-end data
  • (b) As defined by U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
  • ᵃ Workforce statistics reflect year-end data
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Workforce Statistics
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