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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Broader Perspectives, Better Solutions
At Marathon Oil, individuals with different talents, ideas and experiences fuel our ingenuity and innovative spirit.

We believe in promoting an inclusive corporate culture to ensure the strength and resilience of our business. In 2020, Marathon Oil continued to strengthen its approach to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). Our Leadership Development and Inclusion team leads our DEI efforts, reporting directly to our vice president of Human Resources.

To develop our DEI strategy, we gathered feedback at employee listening sessions to make sure our team members had a voice in shaping our programs. We also hosted culture workshops, provided leadership education on how to cultivate a diverse workforce and laid the foundation to set aspirational DEI goals.

Building on this work, in 2020 we reported this feedback to our executive team and intentionally shifted our focus to increasing equity across the organization. We also worked to broaden our cultural competencies, increased and evolved our communications to better raise awareness of our DEI efforts, and assessed the strategic alignment of our workplace practices and policies with DEI. Throughout the year we worked to strengthen our ability to retain, recruit and develop a diverse workforce.

We continued to offer internal and external training courses on unconscious bias and inclusive leadership to all employees. As an example, we partnered with the Chinese American Professionals group to offer virtual monthly training events from March through December 2020. These events covered topics such as Bystander Training; Feeling Safe in the Workplace: Psychological Safety; and Moving Beyond Crisis: A Systems Approach to Advance Inclusion and Equity.

An important example of our strategy in action was the October 2020 launch of our newest employee resource group (ERG), the Black Employees and Allies of Marathon (BEAM) Network. BEAM seeks to promote a corporate environment that supports Black employees and allies, diverse backgrounds and bold perspectives, and foster an inclusive ‘One Team’ community where members can grow, support and learn from one another. The Network works to:

  • Cultivate a sense of belonging and an inclusive culture where talented and diverse employees can connect with each other and support personal and professional development.
  • Encourage Black employees to advance their professional career goals through mentorship, networking opportunities and organizational partnerships.
  • Create programs and share experiences that increase awareness and understanding of various perspectives in the workplace.
  • Partner to increase and promote a diversified workforce, including Black community representation in our talent pipelines, and to support various job functions and experience levels within our industry.
  • Increase awareness within the Black community of the opportunities in the oil and gas industry, and at Marathon Oil, and participate in community outreach events focused on elevating STEM careers.

Our CEO serves as the executive champion of BEAM, which is open to all company employees. We will continue to support the formation of additional ERGs, which will promote inclusion, culture and diverse talent pipelines.

Supportive Workplace Culture
We believe in promoting an inclusive corporate culture to ensure the strength and resilience of our business

A Spotlight on Our Women’s Network

Our Women’s Network, launched in 2018 and open to all employees, cultivates a culture where talented, diverse women can connect with and support each other. Participants enjoy leadership development and volunteer, mentoring and networking opportunities.

We all have something we’re going through but we have a huge support network in this program to keep going and achieve our career goals.” Elizabeth Leija, Billing Coordinator, Law Planning & Administration.

The Network receives support from champions and allies, from the executive level to first-line leaders. Special interest groups within the Network focus on topics such as petrotechnical careers, managing careers at different phases of life, the challenges of care giving and parenting children with special needs. Our senior vice president and general counsel and our executive vice president of Operations serve as the executive champions of the Network.

In 2020, the Women’s Network shifted to virtual programming with workshops and events on topics such as how to navigate dynamic workplace experiences from a virtual environment, managing dual careers and support for new mothers. The Network also hosted a virtual Brené Brown movie night and discussed ways to create a braver workplace. The Network devoted significant time in 2020 to increasing male allyship, hosting a two-part event on gender intelligence.

In 2020, the Network launched a training program specifically for women leaders, and nearly 30 Network members participated in a virtual mentoring pilot. Based on the positive results from the pilot, we plan to expand the mentoring program to additional employees in 2021.

In an effort to accelerate Board access and opportunity for our senior women leaders, Marathon Oil also continued its support for 50/50 Women on Boards™, a leading global education and advocacy campaign driving the movement toward gender balance and diversity on corporate boards. In 2020, Marathon Oil lead independent board director Marcela Donadio participated in a panel discussion titled “Women Directors in Times of Crisis.”

Women's Network
Members are exposed to leadership development, mentoring and networking opportunities

Diversity Statistics

In 2020, women and minorities1 accounted for 33.1% and 30.6% of our U.S. full-time workforce, respectively. While we’ve made progress with our diversity and inclusion efforts, we know there is more work ahead.

  • ᵃ Workforce statistics reflect year-end data.
  • ᵇ Includes all regular, casual, third-country national and expatriate records.
  • ᵃ Workforce statistics reflect year-end data.
  • ᵇ Includes all regular, casual, third-country national and expatriate records that are on US payroll.
  • ᵃ Workforce statistics reflect year-end data.
  • ᵇ Minority designation defined by Equal Employment Opportunity EEO-1 report categories.
  • ᶜ Includes all regular, casual, third-country national and expatriate records that are on US payroll.
¹ Minority designation defined by Equal Employment Opportunity EEO-1 report categories

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