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Emergency Preparedness

Trained and Ready to Respond
To be a responsible operator and demonstrate good governance, Marathon Oil maintains comprehensive capabilities for emergency preparedness and response, and business continuity.

We maintain plans to protect personnel, facilities and neighbors in the event of natural disasters, security incidents, operational disruptions and other events. The Emergency Preparedness and Community Awareness element of our Responsible Operations Management System (ROMS) provides a structured approach to tailor response plans to local operating conditions.

Marathon Oil’s capabilities include:

  • Response teams at the local, regional and corporate levels, including the Corporate Emergency Response Team (CERT) and executive-level Crisis Management Team;
  • Annual training, drills and exercises for all levels of response teams, along with government agencies and key stakeholders;
  • A network of response contractors and consultants that regularly interface with local and regional team members; and
  • The Corporate Security and Emergency Preparedness Group dedicated full-time to training, drills and participation in industry emergency response activities.

Marathon Oil held annual field-level exercises required by regulations, regional drills required by ROMS and a corporate-level exercise in 2018.

Onsite Safety Huddle

Contributing to Community First Responders

To ensure our communities are prepared for emergencies, Marathon Oil supports volunteer fire departments, emergency medical services and law enforcement agencies. In 2018, we donated an emergency response trailer for the mutual aid of 12 emergency management authorities and operators in the Permian Basin. We also funded a training workshop for people who will use the trailer, including approximately 50 Marathon Oil pumpers and supervisors. The training covered 11 processes and procedures such as isolation techniques, spill response equipment, incident investigations and remediation. The need for the trailer and training was identified in a risk assessment of our entry into the Permian Basin in 2017.

In addition to donating to first responders in Dickinson, New Town, West Dunn and Killdeer, our Bakken asset contributed $25,000 toward a new emergency siren service in Mountrail County, North Dakota.

Due to population growth brought on by industry activity in the Bakken, regional health care providers need to increase capacity. Marathon Oil contributed to the construction of a new facility for the McKenzie County Healthcare Systems that will support at least 55,000 unique patient registrants annually – five times more than the existing facility – and expand from two emergency rooms to nine. The additional space makes it possible to add specialty clinics for identified needs such as cardiac and diabetic care. We also provided funding to CHI St. Alexius for an ultrasound machine to manage an increase in the number of births in the region.

Growth in McKenzie County Hospital annual patient registrant capactiy with help from Marathon Oil

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