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Equatorial Guinea

A long-term, high-performing resource.

We are engaged in oil and gas development and production activities in E.G. We include the results of our investments in the LPG processing plant, gas liquefaction operations and methanol production operations in E.G. in our International segment.

We own a 63% operated working interest under a production sharing contract in the Alba field and an 80% operated working interest in Block D, both of which are offshore E.G. Operational availability from our company-operated facilities averaged approximately 99% in 2020.

We own a 52% interest in Alba Plant LLC, accounted for as an equity method investment, which operates an onshore LPG processing plant located on Bioko Island. Alba field natural gas is processed by the LPG plant under a fixed-price long-term contract. The LPG plant extracts secondary condensate and LPG from the natural gas stream and uses some of the remaining dry natural gas in its operations.

We also own 60% of EGHoldings and 45% of AMPCO, both accounted for as equity method investments. EGHoldings operates a 3.7 mmta LNG production facility and AMPCO operates a methanol plant, both located on Bioko Island. These facilities allow us to further monetize natural gas production from the Alba field. The LNG production facility sells LNG under a 3.4 mmta sales and purchase agreement. Under the current agreement, which runs through 2023, the purchaser takes delivery of the LNG on Bioko Island, with pricing linked principally to the Henry Hub index. Gross sales of LNG from this production facility totaled approximately 3 mmta in 2020. AMPCO had gross sales totaling approximately 827 mt in 2020. Methanol production is sold to customers in Europe and the U.S.

During 2019, we executed agreements for third-party gas through existing E.G. infrastructure, the initial step in creating an E.G. gas hub. Natural gas from the Alen field will be processed through the existing Alba Plant LLC LPG processing plant and the EG Holdings LNG production facility. Alen’s first gas production was achieved in February 2021.

Our equity method investees will process the Alen gas under a combination of a tolling and profit-sharing arrangement, the benefits of which will be included in our respective share of income from equity method investees.

A Force for Good
Learn more about our lasting social investments in Equatorial Guinea.

Equatorial Guinea

4Q 2023 Performance

Below are a few highlights from our recent activity in Equatorial Guinea.
Net BOED* average production in 4Q 2023
*barrels of oil equivalent per day
Average unit production cost per boe* in 4Q 2023
barrel of oil equivalent
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HES Standards and Guidelines

To assist our contractors with their knowledge and understanding of Marathon Oil's safe work practices, we offer for your review current copies of our health, environmental and safety (HES) standards and guidelines. They provide an insight into the basic health, environmental and safety protection rules that must be followed.

Join our Team in E.G.

Join our Team in E.G.

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