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Ethical Business Practices

Living Our Values
We're committed to being responsible, safe and ethical. Our Code of Business Conduct reinforces the company’s commitment to ethical business practices and applies to all employees, officers, directors and other parties representing Marathon Oil.

Our principal executive officer, principal financial officer, principal accounting officer or controller, or persons performing similar functions, must also adhere to the standards of professional and ethical conduct outlined in our Code of Ethics for Senior Financial Officers.

Within 30 days of employment, every Marathon Oil employee is required to complete online Code of Business Conduct (Code) training and a separate online cybersecurity course, as well as disclose potential conflicts of interest. Active employees are required to complete an annual Code Questionnaire and Certification, and additional Code training on a scheduled basis.

We regularly assess our business environment and update our ethics and integrity programs to address current and emerging risks, and strengthen compliance and mitigations. Our assessment mechanisms include internal monitoring through the Marathon Oil audit and compliance functions and Integrity Helpline, as well as peer and industry benchmarking.

Code of Business Conduct
applies to all employees across the enterprise

Preventing Corruption and Bribery

Marathon Oil maintains a framework of requirements and procedures to detect, prevent and address potential violations of applicable anti-corruption and commercial bribery (collectively, anti-corruption) laws and to support our commitment to conducting business honestly and ethically. This framework includes an Anti-Corruption Compliance Policy and supporting Anti-Corruption Standard, and well-established processes to address potential anti-corruption risk areas. In addition, Marathon Oil regularly conducts anti-corruption training for relevant personnel as well as international compliance audits.

Reporting Mechanisms

Marathon Oil provides resources for those who want to ask a question about the Code or to report an actual or potential Code violation. These resources include:

  • Members of management;
  • Marathon Oil organization(s) referenced in each section of the Code;
  • Marathon Oil’s Corporate Compliance & Ethics organization at; and
  • Marathon Oil’s Integrity Helpline, which allows for anonymous reporting by telephone (877-713-8314) or on the internet (

Marathon Oil doesn’t tolerate retaliation for good faith reporting of actual or potential Code violations, and retaliation for good faith reporting is itself a violation of the Code.

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