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Contractor Safety

Keeping Contractors Safe
Marathon Oil partners with top-rated contractors who share our commitment to safeguarding our workforce, communities, property and the environment.

We rigorously evaluate contractors to verify that they possess the necessary safety and health programs to execute work in a manner that meets our expectations. The strong relationships we build with our contractors can help prevent fatalities, injuries, fires, spills and other incidents.

We take a risk management-based approach to contractor oversight and provide HES orientations to all new contractors and companies when they begin to work with us. As required by our Responsible Operations Management System (ROMS) Element 12, all safety sensitive contractors must submit, prior to use and annually thereafter, both safety performance and HES program information, inclusive of OSHA required programs, to ISNetworld, a third party, for evaluation and scoring. Marathon Oil uses this scoring information to responsibly select contractors to perform work within our operations. We hold suppliers accountable for executing our required Life Critical Expectations included in our HES orientation program. In 2022, more than 5,000 individual contractors successfully completed the online training and passed the associated safety exam. Contractors must also comply with our HES policies and adhere to our contractor management plans. While we strive to maintain a stable contractor workforce, we will stop working with vendors and bar individuals who don’t meet our HES expectations and performance requirements.

In addition, we conduct field-based HES inspections and audits, track our contractors’ OSHA recordables and serious event rate, and oversee our contractors in line with the ROMS Third-Party Services element.

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