HES&S Training

Building Ownership and Accountability
Training and verifying workforce capabilities is fundamental to responsible, safe and ethical operations.

We promote our safety culture by attracting, developing and retaining individuals and partners who share our commitment to operational excellence. We provide orientation, training, coaching and mentoring to strengthen the skills of our employees and contractors as well as the preparation and qualifications necessary for them to perform work in the field safely and efficiently.

The Training and Qualification element of our Responsible Operations Management System (ROMS) and related standards enable our field personnel to operate safely and to adapt to changes in our drilling and production activity and portfolio. Each ROMS element sets minimum training requirements considering compliance, hazard recognition and implementation of standards and procedures. Additionally, field supervisors incorporate coaching and mentoring techniques that influence positive safety behaviors.

As the executive owner of this ROMS element in 2020, our vice president of Health, Environmental, Safety & Security (HES&S) and Corporate Sustainability sets priorities and expectations, tracks and reports progress to the ROMS steering committee, and is accountable for the results of our training and competency programs. To strengthen accountability, our HES support staff ensures training is properly designed, assigned, delivered, monitored, tracked and recorded.

In 2020, we reformatted and shifted all instructor-led training to virtual courses due to COVID-19. We achieved a 90% compliance rate with training requirements. Employees recorded more than 21,000 hours of HES training in our Learning Management System (LMS) in 2020. Topics included training for essential workers and return-to-office processes, environmental and regulatory content, and safe work practices. We also qualify individuals at the awareness or advanced level of operational skills through our Qualification Management System (QMS).

In 2020, we completed a multi-year effort to centralize and increase consistency in how our safe work practices are implemented across all of our assets and created simplified tools for our field employees. We also condensed our safety manuals and policies into toolkits to further support our field employees.

Hours of HES training recorded in our LMS* by employees in 2020
*Learning Management System

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