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HES&S Training

Building Ownership and Accountability
The Marathon Oil operations workforce must be competent and qualified to prevent spills, releases and safety incidents, as well as to increase productivity and operational reliability.

We provide orientation, training, coaching and mentoring to ensure employees and contractors have the skills, preparation and qualifications to perform work in the field safely and efficiently.

The Training and Competency element of our Responsible Operations Management System (ROMS) drives consistent, standardized health, environment and safety (HES) training to enable our field personnel to adapt to changes in our drilling and production activity and portfolio. Within ROMS, the HES and Security (HES&S) Competency Training Standard and Competency Management System help us forecast needs and manage employees in the field. As the executive owner of this ROMS element, the director of HES&S sets priorities and expectations, tracks and reports progress to the ROMS steering committee, and is accountable for the results of our training and competency programs.

In addition to compliance and skills training, we train Marathon Oil field supervisors in coaching and mentoring techniques that can change behaviors and positively impact safety. Having conversations about safety and building relationships with our workforce lets them know we’re committed to sending them home safely at the end of the workday.

In 2018, employees recorded approximately 55,000 hours of HES training in our Learning Management System (LMS). The training addressed regulatory compliance, safe driving, operational skills covered in our Qualification Management System (QMS) such as how to light a flare and restart a compressor, and other requirements.

To strengthen accountability, we’re expanding our HES support staff to ensure training is properly assigned, delivered, monitored, tracked and recorded. ROMS sets minimum HES training requirements for compliance, hazard recognition, management systems and standards implementation, and other aspects of safety.

Training our workforce to do their jobs safely, and verifying that they’re trained and qualified, are fundamental to operating a safe, clean and responsible workplace. Marathon Oil will continue to boost training to ensure our employees and contractors understand our HES expectations, meet all requirements and take ownership for safety.

Hours of HES training recorded in our LMS* by employees in 2018
*Learning Management System

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