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Anthony Klipp

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Coach Anthony Klipp is always thinking of ways to engage with students. He is also the Librarian and XC/Tennis coach. He’s amazing at using technology in his class. Beyond that he is known for his outdoor classroom. Coach Klipp slides into his waders and takes the biology students to a pond just across the road to do a multitude of activities with the local nature, flora, fauna and all their natural wildlife. The classes set up game cameras as one activity and view what wildlife they see in the area and the nature of the creatures that they catch on film.

Students have dishes with snails and other specimens that they bring back and it’s always amazing to see the sparkle and the joy that these natural resources give to even high school students. In education teachers often spend much of their time, funding and creative energies on the elementary kids, but Coach Klipp reignites that spark in his high school students. It runs the gamut of groups who adore this outdoor class. It reaches and inspires something in all students.

Anthony Klipp
Anthony Klipp
Oklahoma - Chickasha Public School
Chickasha High School