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Charlin Hernandez

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Charlin Hernandez currently teaches Anatomy and Physiology, and Forensic Science at Carlsbad High School. Both have become highly popular choices for her students. She believes in creating an environment of learning through hands-on activities and guest lectures from professionals that use these subjects in daily life. She is ecstatic to say that a relationship has recently been made with the local police department and the Crime Scene Investigator and Evidence Technicians are on a revolving guest list. They have come in to perform fingerprinting activities with students, talk about DNA evidence, and will be creating a mock-crime scene for students to evaluate their year-long study of how to properly identify and collect evidence at a crime scene. They have plans for amazing lab experiences and activities in the upcoming year, including a dual guest presentation/ activity with Eddy County EMS Task Force to create a Fire/Arson investigation scenario.

For Anatomy & Physiology she has been fortunate to have a local cardiologist come in and talk about cardiovascular surgery and the implantation of pacemakers. She is in the process of reaching out to physical therapists, chiropractors and other local professionals to guest lecture on the Musculoskeletal system, as well as dieticians and nutritionists to visit with students about digestive health. She intends to make her courses in high demand because of the amount of knowledge and lasting experiences they will have.

Charlin Hernandez
Charlin Hernandez
New Mexico - Carlsbad Municipal Schools
Carlsbad Highschool