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Deborah Edeal

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Deborah Edeal is always thinking outside of the box to meet the needs of her students. Our favorite example is her Chicken Wonderland project. She and her 5th grade students hatched chicken eggs in an incubator and spent time observing the newly hatched chicks.

They then planned and hosted centers for 1st and 2nd grade students to learn about how chickens hatch. The students did the planning and hosting of this Chicken Wonderland! They were so proud to show what they had learned with the younger students.

Another great example is that she had her students research biographical information about someone in history (chosen by the students) that has made a difference. The students created bottle people as models of their chosen subjects and then used coding to present them.

Her students not only grow in academics, but also in confidence and motivation!

Deborah Edeal
Deborah Edeal
New Mexico - Carlsbad Municipal Schools
Desert Willow Elementary