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Erica Edwards

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Erica Edwards is an Engineering teacher at Elkins High School in Fort Bend Independent School District. Elkins is home to FBISD’s Engineering Academy, which offers an Engineering career pathway to students who take engineering courses each year of their high school career. Students are exposed to robust academy and academic coursework, ensuring college readiness in the field of engineering.

Erica demonstrated Unconventional Thinking during the 2021-22 school year in the way she taught her classes, engaged with students during class and extra-curricular enrichment events, and collaborated with her colleagues to create a robust and rewarding curriculum. Engineering students worked in teams to create and design real-life solutions to real-world problems in a broad range of engineering topics. Students learned and practiced different engineering and design principles and applied their knowledge to create models and prototypes.

Erica Edwards
Erica Edwards
Texas - Fort Bend Independent School District
Elkins High School