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Jamie Helburg

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The 2021-2022 school year brought several issues to Jamie Helburg’s school. Students couldn’t have parents or grandparents visit or attend any activities or performances. Wearing masks and not being able to see the smiles on faces was tough. Their kids were in crisis. They had become more and more addicted/dependent on devices. They were less active and more into their iPads. This resulted in separation anxiety when kids had to power down.

Helburg came up with ways to rejuvenate her school. She had her students of the week join her for lunch and provided them with a hot lunch from a restaurant in the area. She took their picture and added it to the Wall of Fame in the entryway to the gym. Kids also got a copy to take home to their parents.

She also selected students to be Coach for the Day as an incentive to good behavior in class and in PE. They did a turkey trot. She had an after-school club. She did golf lessons and created a golf course in the gym. She worked with their Behavior team to give troubled kids more play time even if it was on her time. She feels that she motivated her kids to do better and be more active. It really does change behaviors!

Jamie Helburg
Jamie Helburg
Texas - Crosby Independent School District
Barrett Elementary School