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Lisa Clift

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Lisa Cliff is an exceptional math and science teacher for her 5th grade students in a very proud Pioneer Elementary School Community. She has served the Pioneer Public Schools for 5 years.

A few ways that Lisa’s teaching is unconventional is first she uses tables that are painted in dry-erase paint. She wants to see the students working on math problems or drawing science concepts so that she can help as needed through the learning process. Secondly, her science lessons consist of daily hands-on labs and drawing where students learn in fun ways. For physical and chemical changes, and mixtures and solutions the students turn bread into toast, make their own butter, cinnamon sugar, chocolate milk, pancakes and eggs. They learn that there is so much science involved in everyday things that they do and the hands-on makes it easier to remember.

Lisa Clift
Lisa Clift
Oklahoma - Pioneer Public Schools
Pioneer Elementary School