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Resilient Communities

About our Partnerships

Environment and Conservation

Improving quality of life.

To build more resilient communities, we invest in protecting and restoring natural resources. Our programs and partnerships are aligned around common goals of conserving water, protecting land and air, and funding conservation research and education.

We partner with the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation to support conservation projects in North Dakota through the Northern Great Plains Program. Through this partnership, we’ve leveraged public and private funds to empower smaller organizations to complete projects that sustain and improve interconnected grasslands and healthy populations of grassland-obligate species, while fostering sustainable livelihoods and preserving cultural identities

Across our operating areas and in Houston, we support various clean-up efforts and tree plantings. We’re also helping our partners educate our communities about protecting biodiversity by supporting programs at the Houston Zoo and Wildlife Center of Texas.

These are just some of the ways we’re partnering to build more resilient communities. Explore more about our environmental investments and partnerships below.

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Working Together

Our Community Partners

We support the Zoo’s Conservation Education programs, which provide free field trips, free Camp Zoofari registrations and free community programming to Houstonians with the overall goal of cultivating conservation leaders.

We support conservation projects in the Pecos River Watershed, which extends from eastern New Mexico into West Texas, and comprises a large portion of the energy-rich Permian Basin. The Pecos Watershed Conservation Initiative identifies strategic conservation opportunities and works to enhance and restore the natural resources and wildlife habitat in the region.

We support Planting for the Future, which works with industry, wildlife groups and private landowners to create large-scale tree and shrub plantings on private land that will serve as habitat for future generations. Our support helps provide trees to the landowner at no cost.

Our funding supports the Wildlife Center’s rescue, transport, treatment, rehabilitation and release of native wildlife, as well as their environmental education efforts for individuals and organizations.

Texan by Nature brings conservation and business together. They amplify projects and activate new investment in conservation which returns real benefits for people, prosperity, and natural resources.

Our funds are used to plant trees throughout greater Houston in historically under-served areas at local schools, parks, streets and in neighborhoods, as well as tree nursery operations and community education.

Our funding with the San Antonio Zoo will focus on supporting the Texas Horned Lizard Conservation Project -- which seeks to restore the Texas Horned Lizard population by working with private landowners to introduce zoo hatched lizards in areas where it has disappeared in recent decades.