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Unconventional Thinking in Teaching

Supporting unconventional thinkers.

At Marathon Oil, unconventional thinking means constantly looking for new ways to solve problems and deliver results. As part of our investment in building stronger communities through education, we want to support teachers who are bringing this same unconventional thinking to the classroom.

That’s why we’ve created a grant program to recognize and reward outstanding and innovative educators across the country.

Every year, we invite teachers to apply or be nominated by members of their community to receive a grant to support the purchase of classroom resources, such as books, activity/lab materials and technology, or personal professional development.

Our hope is that, through this program, we’ll increase teacher retention by demonstrating support for the people who are responsible for developing our next generation of leaders, or unconventional thinkers. We also hope to encourage collaboration by asking the winning teachers to share their innovative ideas with all the teachers who apply.

This program is open to teachers in the counties where Marathon Oil operates in New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma and Texas. Grants are made payable to the winner’s school or school district, but are designated for use by the winner and must adhere to any applicable school or district budget guidelines.

Read about our 2023 winners here.

Application Details:

Application Opens: March 20, 2024

Application Closes: May 8, 2024

Link to Application

Questions about the program? Contact us at the link below

Helpful Information for Your Application:

Helpful Information for Your Application:

Review the Program Guidelines to understand the rules of the program and learn about our judging criteria.

We've also created a sample application for your reference, but be sure to apply using the link above when you're ready.

Have questions? We're here to help.
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Have questions? We're here to help.

Winners will be announced in October 2024.

For any other questions about the program, please email