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Accelerating Time to Value Using Seeq
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Accelerating Time to Value Using Seeq

April, 2023 — Houston, TX

Every day the Marathon Oil field teams plan, monitor and manage hundreds of Production Surveillance activities through multiple systems to ensure the Company meets its production objectives and minimizes well downtime. The typical production surveillance process uses manual data analysis and trending to obtain well performance insights and drive corrective actions.

In April 2021, Marathon Oil began piloting an Amazon Web Services (AWS) partner application called Seeq which offered easy integration of the Company’s data sources and quick data analytics to enable well performance monitoring “on the fly.”

Since the pilot, the Marathon Oil on-the-ground field teams have utilized Seeq’s analytics and data trending capability against time series data to:

  • Configure intelligent alerts and model scenarios
  • Auto-generate actionable alerts for the operations teams
  • Enable faster remediation of production issues.

Marathon Oil now has over 75 users leveraging Seeq as part of their production surveillance activities to monitor wells, facilities, individual equipment, and sensors. Before Seeq, the Company was forced to build its own intelligent alerts, which required internal software development. Since deploying Seeq, the organization’s Operations Control Centers have created 50+ intelligent alerts that generate thousands of tasks and notifications per month. What was manually identified in the past is now automatically generated, resulting in material improvements in Marathon Oil’s ability to address production upsets.

To see a more technical explanation of this solution, click here to visit our AWS partner’s site describing the technology.