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Texas Energy Day
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Texas Energy Day

March, 2019 — Austin, Texas

Around 30 employees traveled to Austin to represent Marathon Oil at the Texas Oil & Gas Association's (TXOGA) Texas Energy Day 2019, a forum for industry employees to connect with Texas' elected officials, and illustrate the economic impacts that the oil and gas industry contributes to the state. It was also a unique opportunity for employees to learn more about energy legislation being considered at the State Capitol.

The event brought more than 60 companies, associations and chambers and over 700 Texans from across the state to voice their support for the industry. Attendees began the day hearing from guest speakers including TXOGA President Todd Staples, Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick, Railroad Commissioner Ryan Sitton, and Texas Commission on Environmental Quality Commissioner Emily Lindley. Attendees were treated to lunch on the Capitol's south lawn, and spent the afternoon in legislator office visits.

According to one of our geologists who attended: "I had a great conversation with a legislator's chief of staff about some of the common misconceptions behind fracking, and appreciated the opportunity to remind him that as a scientist, I'm just as interested in ensuring our industry works safely and responsibly as everyone else is. We took that day to represent our industry to show who we are, what we do, and how we do it responsibly."

Another employee shared: "What I enjoyed the most was learning about the numbers behind what we contribute. Our industry collectively paid around $14 billion in state and local taxes and royalties in 2018. That money goes to our schools, roads and emergency services. I knew our industry has a huge impact on our state and the country, but it was the first time I had seen the actual figures."

An HES team member said: "I appreciated the chance to learn more detail about the regulatory space and pending bills that impact us, and what a big role energy plays in our state's rainy day fund. And as a bonus, I got to connect with people I'd never normally work with on the bus ride to Austin and back!"

Texas Oil & Gas Association 2019 Texas Energy Day @ the Capitol Recap Watch the video