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Financial and Operating Highlights

Section 5

Financial and Operating Highlights

Financial and Operating Highlights (Dollars in Millions, Except Per Share Data)

Revenues and Other Income$5,467$3,086
Income (Loss) from Operations$1,308$(1,180)
Income Tax Expense (Benefit)$58$(14)
Net Income (Loss)$946$(1,451)
Net Income (Loss) Per Share$1.20$(1.83)
Long-term Debt$3,978$5,404
Stockholders’ Equity$10,686$10,561
Dividends Per Share$0.18$0.08
Share Repurchases$724$85
Capital Expenditures ᵃ$1,032$1,151
Market Prices (U.S.)
Henry Hub$3.84$2.08
Price Realizations - Excluding Derivatives (U.S.)
Price Realizations - Including Derivatives (U.S.)
Average Daily Net Sales
United States Segment (mboed)286306
International Segment (mboed) ᵇ6177
LNG (mtd) ᶜ2,9414,289
Methanol (mtd) ᶜ1,0461,017
Condensate and LPG (boed) ᶜ8,56010,288
Net Proved Reserves
Crude Oil and Condensate, Natural Gas Liquids and Natural Gas (mmboe)1,106972
a Capital expenditures include accruals.
b Includes natural gas acquired for injection and subsequent resale.
c Reflects net share of equity method investee volumes.

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