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Giving Back in a Time of Need

Giving Back in a Time of Need

April, 2020 — Houston, Texas

Partnering with food banks to meet the basic needs of families across our operating areas is a foundational part of our social investment program. Now, they’re facing unprecedented challenges on the front-lines of the COVID-19 response. They’re battling increased demand – some citing a 400% increase in individuals seeking services month over month – coupled with increased pressure on their supply chains.

Our partners are innovating quickly to find ways to safely distribute food - as well as other necessities like cleaning supplies, diapers and personal care products - to families. They’re creating and distributing emergency food boxes, while increasing the volume and frequency of food distributions. To meet the needs of students who have lost access to a consistent source of healthy food due to school closures, they’re working with schools to offer drive-through distributions and to-go meal options for students and their entire families.

A drive-through donation system ensures the safety of volunteers and families in need.

To support this vital work, we’re donating more than $75,000 in immediate emergency relief. This support will benefit communities across our operating areas – from urban communities in Houston to tribal communities in North Dakota to rural communities in south Texas.

In Oklahoma, our donation will be matched through a special disaster relief fund. This means our donation, along with the match, will feed 80,000 families in 53 counties throughout Oklahoma and will also include the Food for Kids Program.

Emergency food boxes for Southeast New Mexico ready to go at Roadrunner Food Bank.

In New Mexico, we brought together two partners in order to maximize the impact of our donation in the Carlsbad community. Our donation will allow Roadrunner Food Bank to launch a new Childhood Hunger Initiative program in the Carlsbad Municipal School District. This program is the first of its kind in Eddy County, and will provide approximately 50 pounds of food to 150 southeast New Mexico families each month. While it is being set up to meet the immediate needs, this program will now be an on-going program within the school district, lasting long beyond COVID-19 response.

The Houston Food Bank drive-through donation system in action.

We’d like to thank all of our partners in this effort: